May is the month of Springtime and flowers,
and we have several varieties of wild orchids growing along a 1-kilometre path by the lakes.

We have some special offers for up to 10 people

from less than 15€ per person per day!

4 nights, Saturday 30th April - Wednesday 4th May: 650€

5 nights, Monday 9th - Saturday14th May:


or 6 nights, Sunday 8th - Saturday14th May:


Saturday 21st - Saturday 28th May: 7 nights,

only 800€

Saturday 28th May - Saturday 4th June: 7 nights,

only 800€



 Mad price May! 

Orchids pictured here include: Anacamptis Pyramidalis, Dactylorhiza Fuschsi, Anicamptis Laxiflora, Neottia Ovata, Ophrys Apifera, Platanthera Chlorantha, and Platanthera Bifolia. One can be found in only 4 other places in the Dordogne.

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